Contributing to the ICT Baseline Alignment Framework

How you can help

Developing and Evaluating Test Cases

Need content from people doing this work. What do you need?

I have a note about issuing templates. Does that belong bundled with this topic?

Planning and Conducting Outreach

We need people to know about our work so they can contribute and use it! Whether you enjoy giving presentations or would prefer to remain behind the scenes writing and editing, your skills are needed. Can you help with any of the following?

  • Writing and editing: would you like to produce short articles for and other government websites, as well as announcements and presentation materials? You could also write for this website.
  • Presenting: can you present on the project to a wide range of audiences, such as Section 508 program managers, procurement personnel, and website testers?
  • Serving as a resource: or maybe you can just make yourself available to answer questions or route them to the appropriate expert?

Developing and Conducting Governance

Any project this size needs a program manager. Are you game? Or do you have process management or change control expertise that you could use to help ensure the test cases remain in alignment with the baseline?

Once the test cases are ready, we’ll need to have a way of validating alignment to the ICT Baseline. We’re still working out how that would work (and could use your input), but we know we’ll need people to manage alignment certification. Also, disputes will occasionally arise, and we’ll need people with the technical and soft skills necessary to resolve them.

Developing and Maintaining this Website

We want this website to serve the needs of contributors and testers alike. We also need the basic information to be intelligible to Section 508 program managers, procurement officials, and others with potentially less technical knowledge so they can understand what this project is all about and how their agencies can benefit from it. And, of course, the website must be usable and accessible. Therefore, we could use your help with:

  • Designing and testing
  • Writing and editing for plain language
  • Long-term maintenance

How we work

We have small working groups that meet to make technical decisions or resolve problems. The larger group holds periodic status meetings. Communication and collaboration are through our GitHub presence and, secondarily, email.

Not familiar with GitHub? It’s a collaboration platform with strong version control. Here are some resources to get you started: