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ICT Testing Baseline

Baseline tests are the result of an attempt to reduce ambiguity, increase consistency of results, and emphasize the methods and techniques that can reliably meet the Section 508 ICT Accessibility requirements, given the current state and compatibility of underlying technologies.

United States Federal Chief Information Officers Council (CIOC)

Accessibility Community of Practice (ACOP)

November 2018 Version 3.0 (DRAFT)

Harmonized Processes for Revised Section 508: Baseline Tests for Web Accessibility

Document status, review, comments, and feedback

This version is a DRAFT of version 3.0 and not yet approved for distribution by the Federal Chief Information Officers Council (CIOC) Accessibility Community of Practice (ACOP).

For more information on the baseline tests and links to published streamlined test processes, training and certification programs, visit:

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Developing a streamlined test process from this baseline — a primer

The Baseline Tests (#1 - #25)

Appendix A - Cross-Reference Tables

Appendix B - Document Change Log

Contents: The Baseline Tests (#1 - #25)

  1. Keyboard Access
  2. Focus Visible
  3. Focus Order
  4. Repetitive Content
  5. Changing Content
  6. Images
  7. Sensory Characteristics
  8. Contrast
  9. Flashing
  10. Forms
  11. Page Titles
  12. Tables
  13. Content Structure
  14. Links and Buttons
  15. Language
  16. Audio-Only and Video-Only
  17. Synchronized Media
  18. CSS Content and Positioning
  19. Frames and iFrames
  20. Conforming Alternate Version
  21. Timed Events
  22. Resize Text
  23. Multiple Ways
  24. Parsing
  25. Non-Interference